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Companies like PUMA, Nike, InVision, Condé Nast, Morning Brew, Burguer King or Sonos, have already improved their digital strategy by adopting structured content architecture in their content creation and publication process.

PUMA workspaces in Sanity Studio and Monocle on Phone

Monocle Magazine

Monocle Magazine improved their subscription process by replacing their legacy monolithic system with a combination of Sanity, Clerk, Braintree and Next.js

Led by our co-founder Juan Muñoz during the period he worked for Monocle Magazine as Head of digital, the team managed to detach and replicate the functionality in the previous system, and implement a completely brand new subscription process that cut down the subscription time from minutes to seconds.

The new system based on Sanity, allows the marketing and subscriptions teams create new tiers, promo codes and marketing landing pages within minutes, speeding up the process.


With more than 20,000 employees and operating in 120 countries, PUMA unified their rich multimedia and textual content publications across diverse marketing and e-commerce channels.

To date, the PUMA team has created more than 500 category landing pages, over 4,000 hero banners, staged over 100 campaigns and created more than 55,000 pieces of reusable content, all within Sanity.

Nour Hammour

The luxury brand only took 4 months to modernise their e-commerce using Shopify's framework Oxygen and Sanity, resulting in 214% increase of sales and 97% of conversion rate lift.

Morning Brew

From daily Newsletter business to consolidated Media Brand. Morning Brew scaled their business to reach over 20 million entrepreneurs across newsletters, e-commerce, social media, events, podcasts and education.

A more intuitive and modern experience for Editors

Morning Brew has now fully replaced its previous CMS with Sanity, the company’s single source of truth for omnichannel content. Unlike the homegrown CMS, Sanity includes a media library with reusable assets to make life easier for editors creating rich digital experiences for all Morning Brew audiences.

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We are official partners of Sanity and we also work with and make integrations of platforms and technologies such as Shopify, Klaviyo or Algolia. Reach out to us and get our advice for your future project.

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