Faculty of Philology

Transforming from unstructured content and an outdated website into a leading reference point throughout the University of Seville.

Faculty of Philology - University of Seville

The previous archive of the Faculty of Philology at the University of Seville had grown over time, accumulating various types of content without a clear structure.

It was difficult to locate certain materials, and new publications did not always achieve the desired visibility. Consequently, many users were unaware of important news and updates.

Desktop and mobile screenshots
Desktop and mobile screenshots
Inner section view.
Inner section view.

Our approach

First, we carefully examined the archive and the organisational structure of the faculty and university. We found that web users interacted with the site differently depending on their stage in their academic journey.

With this in mind, we created a content structure based on user types, revamped the website's design and topic organisation, making it easier for everyone to find what they needed, regardless of the information they were seeking.

Note: This project was developed back in 2016 and still looks good and works correctly. The platform choice (Wordpress) was a the preference of the client. However, due to the nature and size of the archive, and how technologies have evolved, today we would have 100% implemented a specific structured content cms like Sanity.

The results

After launching the new portal, users began to access content more directly, improving bounce rates and time spent on the site. As a direct result, the time taken to resolve administrative queries decreased due to a reduction in such inquiries.

Collage of components.
Collage of components.

To this day, the Faculty of Philology continues to use our structure and design, and other faculties in Spain have adopted similar schemes.

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