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About us

Discover where we come from and where we are headed.

Root Digital began as a dream in 2010 with Sogesan, a local web design and development agency. What started with a team full of hope and determination, soon transformed into a hub of creative and efficient project development. Our unique approach was our synergy – ideas sparked and evolved in harmony, especially during our dynamic sessions filled with Red Hot Chili Peppers tunes and endless cups of coffee.

The pivotal year of 2014 marked our evolution into Agencia Root. Our commitment to premium digital products propelled us into the national spotlight, working with Spanish giants like Vocento, El Corte Inglés or Abengoa. As our aspirations grew, so did our horizons. By 2016, I ventured into international waters, enriching our agency with diverse experiences from across the globe.

Today, Root Digital stands stronger than ever, with presence in London, Madrid, and Seville. We’re not just a digital agency; we’re a melting pot of ideas, driven by agile, asynchronous, and decentralised methodologies. We’re proud of our journey, from local roots to global presence, and we’re excited for what’s ahead.

Discover innovation. Experience excellence. Welcome to Root Digital.

Juan Muñoz, Co-founder

+10 years

Root was founded in 2014 and we have been working on web since 2007.

+1,000,000 contributions

Over 1,000,000 Github commits registered.

+200 projects

Over 200 projects completed for more than 70 clients.


We are results driven and work remotely from London, Madrid and Seville.

Anna Douglas

Anna Douglas
Brand Consultant

10+ years in the design industry. I always tackle each new opportunity with great professionalism, unique creativity and in a fun and friendly manner.
James Rea

James Rea
Next.js & Sanity Developer

Web developer from the United Kingdom with 6 years of experience. As of 2020 I primarily work with React, Next.js and Sanity.
Juan Muñoz

Juan Muñoz
Co-Founder, CEO & CTO

Software engineer and entrepreneur with more than 17 years of experience in the development industry.
Marta Alemán

Marta Alemán
Product Designer

Product designer with experience in software startups, banking, and government industries. Experienced in UI/UX, with a background in front-end.

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