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We help you improve your relationship with your customers through a combination of strategy, technology and design.

What we do

We provide professional services focused on solutions to your problems and results.

Ecommerce websites Β·

Ecommerce websites

Online shops designed to grow organically.

We pay special attention to eliminating friction and errors that can appear in stores that handle multiple languages, currencies, payment and shipping methods.

We mainly develop in:

  • Shopify
  • WordPress + WooCommerce

Integration and configuration of the following payment gateways, including special configurations such as subscriptions and recurring charges.

  • Braintree
  • Stripe
  • Lemon Squeeze
  • Adyen

All of these gateways comply with the PCI banking data security standard.

Marketing websites Β·

Marketing websites

Web sites optimised for search engines, with a high level of usability and designed to be self managed by your marketing team.

We create systems that allow the publication of landing pages quickly and easily.

  • Headless CMS - Sanity
  • WordPress
Custom development Β·

Custom development

Web apps and systems created to meet all your business needs .

Our solutions are based on the integration of tools as add-ons in the same system, not on the construction of a monolithic development. This allows you to continue scaling the system, improve different parts independently, or even replace entire parts with more efficient ones.

  • Replatform - Migration of content to new systems
  • Site restructuring
  • Custom WordPress Plugins

Integration of platforms for email and marketing automation, searches, CRM, address search systems.

The most common for us are:

  • Klaviyo - Email and marketing automation
  • Algolia - Predictive and configurable searches in real time
  • Loqate - Address search and autocomplete for forms.

Key points

There are hundreds of reasons why humans make mistakes. We believe that creating strategies based on tested processes that have worked in the past is the best way to achieve success.

  • 01
    Target driven

    Products built on clear concepts that focus on client strategic targets 🎯

  • 02
    Measurable results

    We work with you to define the metrics that will measure the success of your project πŸ“

  • 03
    Continous improvement

    We use CI/CD processes to ensure the product is always evolving πŸ“ˆ

  • 04
    International outlook

    Global work from an international team in different locations across Europe 🌍

  • 05
    Same boat teams

    An integrated team improves communication and avoids glitches in the final product β›΅

  • 06
    Agile collaboration

    Asynchronous processes unified on a shared Slack channel, no need to wait for meetings πŸ•’

  • 07
    Design for opportunity

    A unified, adaptable design system, perfectly set up for future developments and iterations πŸš€

  • 08
    Future-proof development

    Flexible styled components, designed for on-demand alterations to align with future needs πŸͺ„

  • 09
    We create digital gems

    Headless CMS's e-commerces, web apps and marketing websites built like digital gems πŸ’Ž

We only use cutting edge technologies to deliver the best results

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